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Advantages of granite and its use in the interior

Advantages of granite and its use in the interior

If you are a connoisseur of texture, quality, aesthetics in the lining of walls and floor coverings - feel free to choose granite.

Why granite?

There is a number of important advantages of this natural stone, which distinguish it from others.

Stability. Granite is steady against influence as high and low temperatures, having put a hot frying pan on a table-top from granite, you don’t have to worry that you will spoil it. High temperatures don't influence appearance and properties of a stone. Therefore this stone is widely used also in finishing of a fireplace.

Durability. The stone is steady against scratches, cracks and other damages thanks to its structure. Over the years granite products pass into the category vintage as granite beautifully grows old.

Environmental friendliness. The natural stone isn't toxic as it has a natural colour, doesn't cause an allergy, doesn't create harmful radiation and doesn't pollute the external environment. In nature, there exist pink, blue, red and orange shades of granite, along with classic black and grey.

Esthetic look. Connoisseurs of all beautiful and at the same time qualitative, will appreciate natural streaks, and its surfaces have the unique natural drawing.

A variety of size and weight. Modern technologies of processing of a stone allow to make very thin tiles and also there is a possibility of obtaining the large sizes - volume blocks.

Where in an interior it is possible to see?

Besides usual stone blocks, curbs, paving plates, granite can be seen in an interior: as facing of internal and external walls, granite table-tops, window sills, finishings of a bathroom, finishings of a fireplace, plates under the flowerpots , and many other things. For giving of nobility in an interior, you can use granite products in addition with other materials.

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