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Road and sidewalk curbs

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The road pavement and curb are not only an aesthetic addition, but a functional element. This product can be both decorative element in your garden or yard, as well as the main paving support and separator between the pedestrian zone and the roadway. Road curbs should be highly reliable to mechanical damage, as well as resistance to temperature changes. That is the reason why "KVANTA-LCH" is dealing with production of curbs from a natural stone, which are unpretentious in caring and will serve to you for decades.

5 main reasons why it is worth choosing road and sidewalk curbs from a natural stone

  • Don't collapse over time and don't crumble, unlike concrete products;
  • Differ in a status esthetics that allows to use curbs in the decorative purposes;
  • Don't lose the properties and external attractiveness over the years;
  • Are a reliable emphasis for a paving;
  • Don't fade in the sun and have resistance to the increased humidity and also many other factors.

Why it is worth buying from us?

  1. Wide range of colours
  2. We work with large volumes of the order
  3. Democratic price policy
  4. We provide services in laying


Road and sidewalk curbsRoad and sidewalk curbsRoad and sidewalk curbsRoad and sidewalk curbsRoad and sidewalk curbsRoad and sidewalk curbsRoad and sidewalk curbsRoad and sidewalk curbs

From the idea to a ready-made product

  • Leave the application on our website or by phone of sales department. Our experts will specify all details of your order.
  • Consultation of our experts who will make the project and the sketch for you and will offer the best materials.
  • We will send you all information (the detailed specification and the offer) for approval
  • Having agreed all details of the order, we sign the contract (if it is necessary)
  • We embody your ideas: we make an order for production, we will produce it on time!
  • Delivery and installation to any city of the country and at any time convenient for you (it is negotiated separately)

Delivery and installation


Delivery of products from granite is carried out by our transport to any place in Ukraine. If you order our delivery, you get a guarantee for the transportation of your product, which is that the goods will be delivered intact to the place designated by you.


The company «KVANTA-LCH» carries out installation of granite products of any kinds and any complexity with high professionalism and with use of the most advanced technologies. Our production represents alliance of quality and the price.